Brother Nature - I Choose You-(Retail_CD)-FLAC-1995-hlm

Ripper : gambino
Supplier : HLM
Artist : Brother Nature
Genre : Soul
Label : Interscope Records
Year : 1995
Format : Album
Encoder : Flac
Quality : 924kbps / 44.1kHz / Stereo
Source : CDDA
Rip Date : 08.04.2019
Size : 333.05 MB
Catalognr : 92618-2
Playtime : 50:35

01.I Choose You (05:32)
02.Can't You See (04:30)
03.Extra Love (04:33)
04.She's #1 (04:23)
05.Beautiful People (04:09)
06.Heavy On My Mind (05:30)
07.Real Partner (04:25)
08.Sailing (05:45)
09.People Nowadays (06:33)
10.Walk With Me (05:15)

Produced by Ron Perry

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